Botanical Casts

In 2019 I started with my first cast as a way to extend the life and the memory of a very special bunch of flowers I received. Very soon this grew into a love of mine; capturing the details in the beauty around us in unique pieces of art that are timeless.

Residing in a small town in the western cape, Roberston and being so close to nature, I find a lot of my inspiration from our local fauna and flora.

My 2021 range called “Meadows” was started in February this year and has been received very well. I believe in making unique pieces of art, that are all handcrafted and all unique. Non of my pieces are direct replicas of another and the small defects speaks of its authenticity, which in turn points to the love and individual attention that has been put into each piece. Currently the cost per cast varies between R200 –  R1000 depending on size, framed or unframed etc.

Due to the nature of these items, transport  via courier for many of them are restricted due to size or frailty of the piece, however others can quite easily be securely packaged and sent off. For further info on current available pieces, individual costs and sizes please request a list here or feel free to contact us to find out at which markets or event we will be participating.