How do I make a print on material?

It works the same as for paper prints. Some people suggest wetting your material before you start, however personally I find it produces the best color prints if your material is dry. Rinse your fabric before starting to ensure any bleaching agent or chemicals has been washed out. You can also watch a short video […]

How can I give depth to my prints with different shades of blue?

The color and definition of your print will be affected by the exposure time and the density of the items you use. Try using semi translucent items for lighter shades of blue, such as very thin flower petals or a lace type scarf, or changing exposure time. E.g. Place all your items in full sun […]

How do I improve the blue color of my cyanotype prints?

Cyanotype print color shades can vary vastly not only depending on the specifications of each batch of chemicals, but also the mixing ratio, time it was mixed, surface it is used on, paper quality (Some papers are coated, which do not produce good prints at all and some are chemically treated, which can interfere with […]

Can I make cyanotype prints on anything other than paper and material?

Yes you can, and it gets very exciting trying out new surfaces. I have done prints on white painted wood and white painted cement items. A lot of this is trial and error as the print doesn’t always keep well on all surfaces. I have also made successful prints on uncoated canvases, which allows for […]

Can I make cyanotype prints on overcast days?

Yes you can! The same way it is possible to get to get sunburn at the beach the beach on an overcast day, it is also possible to make Cyanotype prints on cloudy days. The time it will need to fully develop will be longer, depending on just how overcast it is, prints might have […]

How long can I store my Cyanotype mixture?

Once your chemicals are mixed with water and not yet together (Two mixtures not yet added together (, it can be stored for 6 months or more under the right conditions. Once the ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide mixtures are mixed together, it is suggested to use it within 4-6 hours, however it is […]

Why do my prints have a yellow tint to them or dry with yellow patches?

This is usually an indication that residual chemicals were still present on your paper when you decided to dry it, these then dissolve and as they are not washed off, the dry to a yellow stain on our print. Tip: Rinse your page well in clean water (I would avoid running tap water straight onto […]