Why do my prints have a yellow tint to them or dry with yellow patches?

This is usually an indication that residual chemicals were still present on your paper when you decided to dry it, these then dissolve and as they are not washed off, the dry to a yellow stain on our print. Tip: Rinse your page well in clean water (I would avoid running tap water straight onto the print as this could affect the quality of the print if the flowing water is quite “hard” on the print) rinsing a plastic container I have found works best, moving the container back and forth to wash water over your print. Don’t soak your print in water, this will only make the paper more prone to taring, rather agitate the print in the water and swopping for clean rinsing water until the print runs completely clean. If you dry your print and yellow water stains start forming, rinse your print again to remove any yellowing before it dries.